Service overview#

Air Navigation Manager offers several tools to help in the daily operations of Aircraft Operators. It allows you to

  • Manage members

  • Manage devices

  • Manage your fleet

  • Manage data: documents, airspaces, waypoints, obstacles, aircraft profiles

  • Produce general purpose/public advisories

  • Manage products: maps and subscriptions

  • Store and distribute your own maps

Document structure#

The documents first presents a typical workflow for using the service. It then explains our economical model in place. Air Navigation Manager 4.0 comes with a major change which needs detailing. After, we detail the store and purchase flow for new products. It then presents the main page for an organization: its dashboard. As an organization manager, there multiple tools available to check your members, devices, identity, and current subscription, they are all detailed. The following section presents the fleet tracking tool, allowing you to visualize in a glance the current state of your fleet as well as all previously recorded flights. Then the documentation describes the data management flow and the different tools available. Finally, we explain how to get assistance.