For activity and data management monitoring, you may group your members in teams.



This is not the same as data groups, but data groups may use teams as recipients.

Adding a team#

You may add a team by clicking on add_team, then setting a name in the name field, click on members in the available list and click on save.

You may also click on add_all to add all your members to the team.


A member may be part of multiple teams.


Teams have a unique name. Creating a new team using the same name as an existing team updates the previous team.

Changing a team#

In the table, click on a team name. You may change the team’s name, add members from the available list, or remove members from the included list. Once the changes are done, click on save.

You may click on remove_all to remove all members of a team.


If you create a new team and reuse the name of another team, it’s like changing that other team.

Deleting a team#

You may remove a team by clicking on bin. You will be asked to confirm.