Acquire charts and products for your operations.

This is restricted to members with the Account Manager role.

Purchase flow#

Browse the Catalog for products and select the number of licenses you need:


By clicking on the cart_icon_prod icon of each product you will add the product to the cart. You can visit the cart by clicking on the cart_icon icon.


Once in the cart you may select the amount of licenses you need. Please note that you need a license for each device on which you want to install the product.


Pro-rata price computation applies to subscriptions such as approach charts. It is done in the cart view only. It depends on the time left on your main Smart or Smart+ subscription so they all expire at the same point.


When extending Smart or Smart+ licenses or upgrading from Smart to Smart+, the cart also takes care of computing the possible volume discount you may be entitled to.

By clicking on ‘Proceed’, you may select the payment method. We currently offer Invoice payment and PayPal.


Once the payment process is completed the product will be added to your organization.


Invoices are handled during business days and hours. It is possible it may take up to 5 days to be treated. In case of excessive delay, please get in touch with our support.


On payment completion, we also send a receipt.


Invoices and receipts are sent to the person doing the purchases. You may define from the settings page a specific email for invoices: the invoices will be sent to that person instead. Receipts are sent to the person doing the purchase and the invoice recipient.

Organization products#

This page lets you review your products and their current usage.


Several actions are possible on this page:

  1. You may access your cart and the store using the buttons access_cart_store

  2. you may review individual products separately by clicking on the products’ name or on the openwindow button.

  3. You may change your main subscription’s state (type and number of licences) by clicking on the review_sub_state button. It redirects to the Subscription view.

  4. You may archive products: this prevents the product from being delivered to any app. This is useful when you have acquired a version of a chart you do not want to use anymore. It is equivalent to removing the product, but as you paid for it, we prefer not to actually remove the product.


The number of used licences in this page may be greater than the number of owned licences. This is expected: it accounts for devices that are not yet synchronised and still use the product, even though the licence is assigned to another device.

Product view#

When clicking on a product’s name, you can view its current state.


From that page, you may add the product to devices so that they get installed during their next synchronisation. You may as well un-assign the product from devices so they are removed at their next synchronisation.

You can also change a product setting: Auto assign. By default, a product will be delivered to any new device as long as there are free licenses. This may be an issue if the product is old or very large. Setting this flag to No ensures the device will not get the product automatically, and it will receive it only if you explicitly assign the product to it. Ensure you press update to save the setting.


You might have bought fewer licenses for one product than your total amount of devices. In which case you may want to attach licenses to specific devices:


In this matrix, the first row will show the devices that are connected with your organization. On the subsequent rows the list of products available for your organization. On the last column you will see the number of licenses available and the numbers of licenses in use.

Choose which product should be delivered to which device by enabling the checkmark field.

The “Sync pending” icon indicates that the product has not yet been installed or removed on the device.

Products that have an unlimited number of licenses (e.g. free products) are shown in the other table, at the bottom of the page, shown by clicking on show_others. It is not shown by default to reduce the visual load.


  1. This page takes forever to load, why?

You may have many products and many devices. Every cell in the table requires a database query to evaluate the content and the possibility to activate the cell or not: some products are not compatible with some app versions (e.g. old elevation products). Mind that the worst case scenario we have in the current Manager is 55 devices and 36 products, the page renders in 30 seconds.

  1. There is too much scrolling to get where I want, how can I find my device/product?

In such a case, it is recommended to link products to devices either from the individual product view or the single device view.

  1. When does the sync icon disappear?

It is removed when the device synchronizes and applies the required change: installing or removing a product.

  1. Some checkboxes are grey and cannot be clicked, why?

Some features require at least a specific version of the app. If the device does not have the version, it would be sad to ‘waste’ a licence. Therefore, for your convenience, we prevent the association in that case.