Pricing: economical model

Pricing: economical model#

Pay by device#

The previous tier model in Manager locked organizations to a certain number of devices. When a company’s needs grew in number of devices, it met the tier threshold and the price of Manager increased substantially per device. Manager now offers a per-device pricing model, with a volume discount above 10 devices.

The price of Manager per device includes a license to unlock the Air Navigation Pro application.

Smart and Smart+#

2 Tiers, Smart and Smart+, are available for your convenience. On top of the tiers, you get access to the map store with hundreds of charts. The tiers include by default everything you need to fly safely: our vectorial-based aeronautical chart SmartChart, NOTAM information, monthly updates to the aeronautical database, basic weather (METAR/TAF), Obstacles information (where available) and more.


License volume discount#

From a defined amount of devices (from 11) you will automatically benefit from a discount. You can save up to 65% on the price of each new license.

Some examples:

Number of devices


Estimated Price

Price on the last license (Discount %)



EUR 1233,80

EUR 77 (8%)


EUR 1759,80

EUR 109 (9%)



EUR 2292,80

EUR 64 (23%)


EUR 3255,80

EUR 90 (25%)



EUR 3913,80

EUR 46 (45%)


EUR 5503,80

EUR 63 (47%)

You can calculate your estimated price directly on the Manager website here:

Cost Estimate